Complete Lens Dyeing & Restoration

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Restoring Redyeing Damage Lens

On this Web page Quest Precision Technologies will demonstrate  how damaged lenses that have previously buffed and recontaminated came be repaired to look like new

This 2002 Jeep Cherokee was buff and the lens has groves in it in addition the lens was coated with a jel and it drys with a gum like feel it takes over 30 hours to dry and looking at the lens it has peeled off leaving the lens to recontaminate.

The lens was sprayed with our lens cleaner this will remove all the contamination from the lensso it can be resurfaced.

The lens has been resurfaced and the amber section of the lens will be dyed and then the new scratch resistant coating will be applied. It takes 8-10 minutes for the coating to dry and it will cure over night to be as hard as nails in 24 hours

Now the lens is ready for the coating as mentioned above we will tint the lens an ultra violet blue to look like the 2007 models and look cleaner and so the suns' rays can heat the lens and dry out the moisture

The finished lens pictured below looks new and will out last the original scratch resistant coating

For a cost under $40 this Knoxville area used car lot has added value to this Jeep Cherokee and save over 50-70% the cost of buffing and over $450 having the lens replaced new. Total time on this vehicle  15 minutes and it is ready to show after detailing. This entire proceedure was done with the lens on the vehicle

Finished Product this lens was helpless for a rebuffing but now this vehicle looks brand new and sold the next day. We guarantee our work for customer 6 months or 3,000 miles

Now this Jeep Cherokee has a total improvement from the earlier stage, Quest has improved the value and appearance not to mention the function of the lens to illuminate light on the road and improve the abbility of the drive to see at night.

When people are out shopping for a used car or truck the contaminated headlight lens will effect their decision to purchase a vehicle with bad lens they look at what it will cost them and they see a $400-500 figure to replace the lens.  In addition no matter how clean the engine compartment  is or how shinney the paint, the headlight lens take away the appearance and value of the car.  People are not stupied they no the risk of night driving with bad lens.

Buffing lenses

    Buffing cost from $75 - $100 and a kit can run $35-$60 and take 45 minutes to 2 hrs.  Buffing  does not last as the wax or polymer sealer stops protecting after several washes as the pours are left open to re-contamination, Some products use a gel coat that dries like a rubber finish and requires over 36 hours to cure.  Most vendors sand several layers to get the contamination off this results  in groves being cut into the lens.  Quest Precision  Technologies removes contamination surface stains with our patented cleaner it removes all the stains and leave the oxidized plastic coating that is resurfaced by hand. We do not use any motorized equipement in our process and all of the vehicles we do are detailed out to look very shinny and new. All surfaces  are hand cleaned and polished and sealed to look brand new

Quest Precision Technologies can restore most plastic on any vehicle from 1952 to present. We can smoke, tint and color any lens. Custom work includes blue lens dying for law enforcement vehicles and fire depart trucks and cars

The above photo shows a lens that has completely faded whereas the amber colored lens was so pale the illumination of the  bulb looks white.


The bulbs ilumination is also damaged by the contamination of the lens and the yellowish cloudy film from the road salts and oil.

The lens is cleaned and resurfaced, next it is taped off and a new amber color is sprayed to dye  only the orignal lens area.  The actual inside lens is amber the outside lens is clear so we color the outside lens, then it is coated with Questhane our patented scratch resistant lens coating it will dry to a touch in less then 10 minutes and then cure overnight  to a hard as nails finish .

Now below you can see the finsihed product the light looks like new and the original reflective ability is restored

This lens would have cost this Knoxville Used Car Lot $185 from the dealer  $140 from a parts store or $75 from a junk yard but the results would not be as good now this vehicle has restored value and function. After sitting on the lot for 3 weeks it sold 2 days after the lens were restored.

The very thing that causes lens to contaminate will do it again unless the lens are sealed and buffing formulas only last a couple of washes. We showed on this page how buffing failed. Do you have a hour to buff them this yourself and risk burning the paint on your hood or fender ? Do you have $75-$100 to pay to have them buffed and a wax type sealer applied that will wash off in time and after washing. Let Quest refinish or refurbish your lens to look like new improve the value and appearance of your vehicle and function of your headlights for under $ 30 and 10 minues of your time.

The road surface is coated with motor oil, transmittion fluid, brake fluid, gasoline, road salts, asphalt oils, and other elements. Everytime it rains these elements breakdown and are slunp up on your lens and vehicle by the car ahead and its tires spinning fluids and water up at your vehicle. 84% of the vehicle produced since 1985 with the plastic lens wil contaminate by contact with these elements. The heatlite bulbs will heat up fluids and and dry them to bond on the lens. The suns rays and heat will cook them till they start oxidizing your lens and then the yellowing and cloudiness will rob you of your night vision.  Don't put your life at stake take yourself out of the equation call Quest Precision Technologies lets us restore your vision and improve the appearance and value of your car, truck or suv.  We can meet you at work or arrange you to meet our mobile unit.  We have been in the lens refinishing business for  over 5 years with a proven testing and performance of our product.  We do over 50 dealerships and 15 body and repair shops in the Knoxville area.  Call us today 865-237-4227

Quest Precision Technologies is so sure of are patented formulas that we put our products up against any comapanies that buf or polish lens we guranatee it in writing

Quest Precision Technologies guarantees all retail work  for 6 months or 3,000 miles. Fleets and Government wrranties differ. We stand behind our products and work.  Most down times are 6-9 minutes on headlights. 1-2 hours on redyeing taillights, headlights, and other lights.  We are strickly in the lens refinsihing business and wwe specialize in dash pod lens repair and other plastic optical products.


Your worst enemy is less than 6 feet in front of you. Those dirty cloudy lens are going to eventually cause a very serious motor vehicle acccident.


It starts here the asphalt salts, motor oils, gas and other fuels

 set on the road. Then it starts raining  These contaminates are sprayed on your vehicles' lens your headlight bulb heats this

up and the sun bakes it in causing the lens to oxidize and

become pouris the results cloudy yellowish lens that blocks

out the bulbs   illumination of the road  75%  causing night vision problems and jeapodizing you and the other drivers' and the passangers' life.  The expense keeps people from replacing or

buffing now Quest Precicion Technologies can refinish or

refurbish you lens for under $30 in less then 6-8 minutes

Quest Precision Technologies welcomes commercial, industrial, retail, wholesale and public business. We are looking for retailers to sell our services. We do and guarantee the work you collect the profit as you set your own price. We advertise you aas a location to have our services done our name is not listed your company floats the product and sells our services. We provide you with the paperwork and you schedule your customers to your shop and we do the work. We do not sell our products to no company only the service. Use the product to creat a flow of customers we protect your area and guarantee all the work and products