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Check out Quest's list of worst vehicle lens and how to fix them

The worst case list of lens come from the first vehicles to enter the 1986 Model year for the plastic lenses. The coatings are acrylic base and very prone to oxidation and discoloring.  Ford Tauris, Mercury Sable, Ford Areo-Star Van, Dodge Caravan, Plymouth Voyager, Chrysler Town and Country Mini-Vans.  In 1992-2006  Ford Crown Victoria, Mercury Gran Marques, Lincolns Marks, Continentials, Ford Tauris, Mercury Sables, Chevrolet Full Size Trucks, Dooge Rams, Full Size Ford Pick Ups, Toyatos, KIA, Nissan, Dodge Intrepids, Ford Explorers, Dodge and Plymouth Neons, Jeep Cherokees, Chevy Malibu, Cougar, Mustang, Cadillac, Subura, BMW, Topaz, Honda, Gran Prix, Gran Am,

The Dodge or Plymouth Neon is by far the worst vehicle for oxidized or stained lenses

The Chevrolet & GMC Full size trucks come in the top ten for lens coating failure, they usually have both Headlight and signal light contamination problems 4 X 4 Blazers and ATV are especially prone due to the contact with the elements. Generally road oils, asphault powder or dust, motor oils and other fluids thrown up by vehicles during a rain and the exposure to the sun causes the lens to turn. After the contaminates get on the lens the sun attacks the stains head them up and causes the lens coatings to oxidize and fade. Often times the plastic itself will yellow too. There are a lot of reasons to why this happens but the only reason as to what happens is due in part to no general washing maintenance or lens cleaning.

The New Areo Dynamic Chysler Corporation lens are very expensive and owners refuse the $400 + price tag to replace them. There are alot of products in the price range of $30-$50 but the buffing system takes over 45 minutes or a hour to do two lenses. Quest Precision Technologies is one of a few companies that due complete len restoration by removing the original coating and resurfacing and refinishing the lens with a better product that is a Poly-Urethane not a Acrylic or Patroleum Product. Quest holds our cost dow to under $30.00 so repairing can be afordable and practical

These lens are going to cause an at-fault motor vehicle accident, late at night on a highway or area with no street lights. Police call this Driving With Impaired Vision These owners are putting themselves and their passangers at risk of very well being a victim in a head-on or off road crash.  The drivers of vehicles with lens like you see cannot see more then 20 feet ahead of the vehicle and what is worst they are prevented by high cost from having the lens replaced

Our Company Mission Statement: For every vehicle we restore the lens on takes that owner or vehicle out of the equation to be a accident victim because of impaired night vision. We try to encourage all of our auto delearships customers to let us do every vehicle with bad lenses. Saving lives is more important to use then profits. The lives we save buy restoring someone lenses maybe be yours or someone you know or a love one. Casey President and CEO Quest Precision Technologies

Casey is President and C.E.O. of Quest Precision Technologies

She and her father started Quest together after losing friends killed on the country roads and highways in Tennessee at night.

I enjoy working with several sucessful business owners . They realized  the first day Quest started doing their used cars that we offered something very dependable amd unique, a process that was superior and very affordable every vehicle we do for him that is sold is another vehicle with improved value and safety. This is why we do vehicles for over 35 Knoxville  auto dealerships and shops.

Any company that feels they have a better product lets compare We are not selling a buffing kits or super polish. We are selling a service that we can give you as many referrals as you want. We will put anything up for a test compare the results price verses time and quality or appearance

Carefully read all the instructions on these do it yourself kits. Investigate how much time it takes.....45 - 60 minutes to buff. Drying time  2-6 hours. Shine and sparkle vs swirls and hazy. Price ours retail under $30.00 we do the work in 6-8 minutes like new results guaranteed.  Better scratch resistant coating then the factory original Acrylic. A five year field tested product. We do more lenses in a day then anyone offering a lesser product. Resale, we can crank out 12-14 vehicle headlight sets an hour using two technicians with a very competitive price and a better outlook on our overall impact as a company doing business iin an American Way

Whats really funny is that this result you see below only takes 6-8 minutes to do and costs less then $30.00

This GMC Pick-Up has lens that look brand new. They feel and sparkle better then any buffing or polishing kit will ever do.  If you want to be healthy you must element the germs, so it is with vision the lenses must be cleaned and completely free of contaminates to guarantee any success in prohibiting the return of oxidation or cloudy discoloration.

Quest uses a 8 step process to refinish lens

Quest did in two minutes, what it takes 30 minutes of harsh buffing  and scrubbing by our competitors to do.

This product was invented in Memphis Tennessee For Quest It cuts the grime off leaving just the damaged original coating

Brief Description

This is what you see without the full illumination of the road by your headlight bulbs

Brief Description

Sample Photo 11

Your lights are designed to luminate the road from 0-45 feet to prepare your vision to adjust to the speed of your vehicle with the timing and reaction of your response to curves and distance to the next fixed or moving object. Failure of your headlights to function is your responsibility according to the law imporper lookout or impaired vision can be charged to a driver in a motor vehicle accident that can make you liable for damages or charged with a motor vehicle homocide another very good reason to make sure you are not playing around with the odds, the cards are stacked against you.

I enjoy working with people and runiing my own company

We can refinish a lens without taking it out or damaging the paint by burning the surfaces we do more then just refinishing which is just the lens surfaces. We can refurbish which will make any old assembly look as good as new side by side comparisment. We can tint yellowed lense to look like brand new or refinish in a smoke gray look, or ultra violet look like on the 2007 models. Just call us for the best from the lens experts Quest Precison Technologies

Sample Photo 13

This Ford lens was very contaminated with its lens stained yellow and the cloudy film on the lens to replace  this lens it would cost over $450 that would include the installation for just both lens this refinishing cost under 30 dollars and took less then 6-9 minutes

You could spend money on having them buffed but it wil come back in several weeks, you could do it yourself with a kit and several hours of time and the mess. You could call Quest spend under $30.00 and never worry about contaminated lens again.