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Antique, Classic ,Street Rods, and Custom Cars We do lens restoration & refurbishing on all models

Starting in April, Quest Precision Technologies will begin Taillight, Parkinglight, Front Turnsignal light and sidemarker light lens restoration.  We have a patented formular that restores the red, amber, Europeon yellow colors back to the original condition with the original look and performance of a brand new lens at a small fraction of the cost.  This means a big savings for the custom, antique, classic car owners and shops.  Imagine getting your 1959 Impala tailights back to the original look and quality without spending a smal fortune for N.O.S. or replica reproduction cost of 99-125 dollars per lense. Fed-X or UPS ship your original faded or scratched lenses to Quest and for less the 100 dollars we will do the entire vehicle lenses that include taillight, sidemarker, and front signal lenses. We finish coat these lense with the same scratch resistant patented Poly-urethane patented formula we use on our headlight restoration.  The result a lens that return reflective light rays, is clear tinted to the original color and smooth and glossy like new.  We test our products in the field as well as in the lab under the same conditons with the atmospheres'  elements and exposure to sunlight and other contaminates.  Our product stands up to perform as well as the original product or reproduction replicas.  The other side of the coin is that your vehicle is original wether it be a '57 Chevy or 69 Mustang looks the same as it did off the showroom when it was new and it is  the original factory part.  You decide. Quest Precision Technologies will  put our  product against  any of the other companies that polish  or  buff  Headlight lenses.   We are so sure of our patented formula & process we guarantee it in writing


This 1979 Ford Pick-Up lense are faded to the point that they are almost clear with no color

We are going to show you the before and after pictures of putting a pair of GUIDE Inc. taillights sets thru the restoration process the total cost of this project to the owner of this 1954 Chevrolet tailights under $50.00 this price included a third set .Guide is the manufactor for GM for almost 50 years

The lens is cleaned, wet sanded, tinted back to the original amber then coated with our scratch resistant patented coating

The lens is faded and is star burst from exposure. The lens is soaked in a cleaning chemical all dirt is removed, then it is sanded and resurfaced. Next the red polyurethane candypearl dye is applied allowed to cure and clearcoated to look like the finish product below

Now the side maker lens look like it did when it was new and performs exactly as it did with the same clearity and light reflection

The backup lens before and after. Notice the starburst and discolor on the clear lens

This is a 1969 Chevy Pick-up Side Marker Lens Before lens restoration

The same process as the taillight but we add an ultra violet blue candy

The Side Maker Lens looks brand new. In a side by side comparabilities are impossible

The outside reflective ring is the last lens to be refurbished the before

The Deflector Lens for both taillights is a separate lens which fit inside the left and right taillight the before

The outside ring deflector lens after

The Deflective Lens sanded and color dyed coated the after lens below

Quest Precision Technologes now offers full Turn/Parking Light, Side Marker Light and Tail Lens Restoration for any 1950 to 2007 vehicle plastic lens. This process Includes: dying back to original tint or color, resurfacing, coating a refinishing them to look like new at a fraction of the cost of replacing with after market replicas or N.O.S. The entire lenses on any vehicle for under $125.00 . Shipping cost not included. Keep your vehicle in original condition by getting your lense refurbished keep showing points and value be original.