The Headlight Lens Refinishing Process

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The Quest Precision Technologies Lens Cleaning Process

These photos show actual vehicles that have been refinished.  The cloudy, milky film completely distorts the halogen bulb's from radiating the road. After our process these vehicles lenses look like new, improve performance, add value, and improve the overall appearance of the vehicles.

Dodge Intreped headlight the lens contaminated Road Surface Oils and Oxidation

The lens are sprayed with our lens cleaner, immediately you can see how the contamination starts to desolve and it  virtually runs off the lens the lens will clear up color wise, but the lens is still oxidized ruff and old scratch resistant coating surface pours are open and the coating is still cloudy

The Lens repairing process

You can now see that the lens is almost completely clear the bulbs are now visable and after the coating is applied the lens will look and perform like new at a fraction of the $235.00 Dealer price or the $189.00 Auto Zone or Advance Auto Parts price. We charge under $30.00 to repair and refurbish these lense.

The coating application

As the new scratch resistant coating is sprayed you can now see how shiney and clear the lens will be. There will two coats spayed on this lens. The material or product we use is water thin and it requires a very good painter to spary these lens and get crystal clear results.

This Jeep Cherokee displays the typical lens contamination problem found on most of these models

This is a Ford Contour this is one of the worst damage types we see the lens has a yellowish cloudy film that prohibits the head lights bulbs from efficiently ilumination the road


Chevrolet Pickup both the headlight and parking/turning light lenses are contaminated and likethe other vehicles pictured not only is the efficiency of the bulbs effected but the appearance and value of this truck as weel

This lens shows the stages in each step: Before, clean, resurfaced, recoated

This lens is out  of a Ford Tauras  we use this before and after lens to show the great difference with a side by side example we went from a really dirty brownish stained lens side to a clear side in just 6 minutes.  We have five years experience and Quest did a study on how long the lens would stay clear and all the test cars we have done and monitored all of them look as good as they did when they were refinished back in 2001. Each vehicle was washed and the lenses clean with the car washing maintenance all remained clear. The test lenses we buffed using a retail outlet brand buffing kit the lenses last two months and the pours had already begun to stain and re-oxidize these products use a  patroleum product that evently loses it water resistanted protection

After wiping off the lense the lens is sprayed with a cutting solution and wet sanded until the entire factory coating is removed. This will prevent the lens from any further contamination in the future after it is sprayed with the new scratch resistant coating

The masking and final preparation

The vehicle is now taped of to prevent over spray to the fram or the vehicles finish. after a final wipe with a tack rag the lense will be sprayed

The patented Poly-urethane scratch resistant coating dries to a touch in 20 minutes and take less then 8 minutes to do both lens

These lens wil be dry to a touch in 30 minutes, the finish will cure to a hard as nails scratch resistant in 24 hours.

This lens dried to a touch in less then 20 minutes and cured hard as nails in 24 hours. A new lens set $ 325 Quest refinishing $25

Now the after lens cleaning picture, again you can see tht the lens is shiney and clear just like new the cost of this refurbishing under $30 dollars and the replacement lens is $149.00 from a Ford Dealer original part the priceof two lens installed is $380.00 The refurbishing from Quest Precision Technologies less the 10%. Now there is no excuse in servicing your headlight lens before you have a costly accident and get charged with an At-Fault  accident and motor vehicle citation for driving a vehicle with impaired vision.

Sample Photo 11

The lenses are now like new again the price of the headlight lens $179.00 each after market the price of the parking light lenses $139 each $686 for just the lenses not counting installation. The price of Quest Precision Technologies refurbishinf $40.00 that is less then 8% of the replacement cost with the same results and the new lights carry no guarantee.

Quest recoats and finishes Headlight lens, taillights lens, turnsignal and side marker lens, grills, steel wheels, and Quest offers Interior dying/refinishing

Quest Warranties all headlight lens refurbished or refinished for all of our customers, industrial, commercial or retail

Quest uses a patented Poly-urethane formula coating that is scratch resistant  and far better then the original acrylic coating it will never discolor, cloud up, or recontaminate. The process and the tough fornula is why Quest warranties our product.   Our process  is better then  any buffing method as it will not recontaminate or oxidize again.

Call Quest Precision Technologies for your headlight lenses or other lens coatings. Quest will demonstate lens refinishing or refurbishing at your business for free no obligation.

Call Quest Precision Technologies for an appointment today. New Car Dealers, Used Car Dealers, Whole Sellers, Body Shops, Repair Shops, Industrial, Commercial, Government, Organizations or just a private vehicle owner we want your business call us 865-237-4227