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If You Drive With Impaired Vision

If you drive with yellowish cloudy headlight lenses you are driving with impaired vision and you risk causing a serious motor vehicle accident that could cost your's, your passenger's or the other driver's life. You will be charged with an At-Fault Accident and could suffer stiff penalities and higher insurance rates, not to mention liable for property and personal damages.

 For a fraction of the cost of replacing your vehicle lenses

 QUEST PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES can refurbish your vehicle's lenses to a like new condition that has a better then original new scratch resistant coating that will never re-oxidize cloudover or yellow again.  We do not buff the lens but we completely remove the old contaminated coating that has been weathered by the sun and road salts and chemicals, then we resurface the lens and coat it with a patented clear coat that drys to the touch in 30 minutes and cures hard as nails in 24 hours. We guarantee our process not to fail. The results is added resale value to your vehicle, better appearance and restored illumination to the road by headlight bulb's restored radiation thru the lenses.

Call QUEST PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES. We can refurbish or refinish your vehicle's lenses in less then 10 minutes. At a fraction of the cost of a new lenses. In KNOXVILLE call 865-237-4227. We are the only company offering this patented lense refinishing  QUESTHANE This is a proven coating process that is a permanant lasting fix..


The Story About Lense Contamination

          In the mid 1980s the major automobile manufactures started using the plastic lenses found on most vehicles today.  The purpose of the plastic lenses was to allow the new modern sleek aerodynamics and styling changes. The old style glass headlights came in only two sizes of round and rectangle types: the large single headlight buld with a high beam and low bean in a set of two either the rectangle and round, and the four set of one high beam and another low and high beam unit.  The glass could shatter thus the driver could be without headlamps entirely or just lose one unit. The awkward glass impaired the design of quit a few companies. The first automobiles to use the new lenses was the : Ford Taurus, Mercury Sable, Pontiac Sunbird, Chevrolet Cavalier.  These early lenses are the worst to be susceptible to the road film and effects of the suns radiation.  These lenses turned out to be totally effective in blocking out the bulb's illumination of the road. The costly expense of replacing the lenses has gone up too. Most foreign and domestic new lens cost from $89.00 -$299.00 generic or $99.00 to $450.00 manufactures retail brand. When these lens are exposed to the elements found on wet streets: oil contamination, asphalt debris, salt, and harsh exposure to acid rain and some air born chemicals they stain the factory scratch resistant coatings. The suns rays are then attracted to the now colored plastic lens. so sun rays heat up the lens coatings resulting in oxidation, clouding up and yellowish appearance. Eventually the lens are so badly filmed that headlight bulbs cannot penetrate and illuminate the road, thus the night vision is really impaired and the accidents occur.  In some states a driver involved in an accident came be charged At-Fult Accident for not maintaining a proper vision of the road.  Try driving with your lights off using the parking lamps as the only light on the road, you will eventually run off a curvy or narrow road or highway especially when street lights are not present. Most people will not service their lights from the fear of cost of a new replacement.

      There are several options to  cure  this situation. Some companies sand and buff the surface off with an abrasive substances, the pores are left open this will eventually lead to restaining again and the reoxidation. The real way to cure this is to completely remove the factory scratch resistant coating, resurface the lens and apply a new polyurethane type  scratch resistant surface that dries to touch in 30 minutes and cures hard as nails in 24 hours and will not yellow or cloud up again.  If the film is not present and the porous surface is not present the situation will not re-occur. Buffing still leaves the surface open to road contamination. The new lens coating will stop the process and render the condition of the lenses to perform and look like new.  Quest has a formula of cleaner and resurfacer  that is cost effective and proven. We will demonstrate for you, your company or organization the process and show the difference in what we offer to what our competitors offer at a fraction of the cost. Most shops offer buffing the lenses at a cost of $75.00 with no guarantee, Quest resurfaces the lens completely removing the old coating and reseals the lens thus preventing the lens from further contamination.

These contaminated lenses are on a Ford Contour

These lenses cost $155.00 each from Ford Motor Company.  $129.00 from Advance Auto Parts and Auto Zone. The cost of QUEST PRECISION TECHNOLOGIES  lens Refinishing is less then $30.00, that's 10% of the replacement cost. Not including the installation labor cost of a repair garage or body shop. Buffing the lense will temporarely work but after a few weeks and the wax coating will stop being water resistant the oxidation will return and so will vision problems of block illumination of the road and the bulb's ability to radiate light thru the containated lenses. We spent five years testing our formula and in that time period none of the test vehicles suffered effects from the road film or the effects of the sun or the rain and other acids and oils that cause this dangerous problem that causes poor night vision and auto accidents.  We are the lens experts We have a proven track record and satisfied customers from: New Car Dealerships, Used Car Dealerships, Garages, Bodyshops, Government, Commercial, Industrial, Public Private Owners. Visit the next 6 pages and see how the comparasons stack up of before and after. Find and print the WEB coupon for savings on getting your lens refurbished.


You can sell our services and we will bill you  at jobber's cost. We do the lens and guarantee the work and you bill your customers thru as your company. We will furnish you with promotional material and you can charge your own customers what ever retail price you choose.  We not only do headlight lense but taillights, dying, and special vehicle interior painting and coatings.  Call us and speak to a customer service representative today.

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Our QUESTHANE coating is patented and we use only the finest chemicals available, we do not import any foriegn products nor do we use anything not made in the USA.  Quest Precision Technologies We are the automotive lens coatings experts . We offer our services with a satisfaction guarantee or money back. We warranty Our work and lens coatings for 6 months or 3,000 miles not to recontaminate that is turn yellow or cloud again*  Our product has been field tested for over 6 years, these headlight lens look as clear and new as the day they were done. Our Questhane is better then the original acrylic factory coatings with far superior hardness and durability to withstand all the road chemicals, oils, and acids and remain clear and sparkling.

*This is subject to proper care and maintenance, use of some harmful chemicals or detergents can void the guarantee.